Museum Drawings

The observations of the art objects in the museums take a lot of time and inspire me during my travels around the different cities and countries. I get the impressions through a visual contact with the showpieces of museum exhibitions. For the last 3 years I work on the project, which is called Metamorphoses, It is about differences and similarities in the cultures belonged to the different civilisations, from the most ancient to the contemporary. This series of works is like the improvisation performed by the travelling artist of minstrel, and it continues together with my moving around the world.

Graphics series, based on the images of prehistoric sculptures and objects of modern and contemporary art. I’m interested in changes of the representation of human body, animals or household items in the various civilizations separated by thousands years.

The series begins with the drawings about prehistorical sculpture and objects, the history and the purpose of which were lost to time. The artworks of the Ancient World, including the Mesopotamian reliefs, the Venus of Kostenky and Willendorf, statuettes of pre-Columbian America, bronze Siberian artefacts, statues of Ayn Ghazal and many others deeply influenced the art of the 20th century and continues to influence the art of the 21st century.

With proportions often intentionally deformed, the contemporary sculpture continues the traditions of the ancient masters by introducing new colors and subjects. The masterpieces of Roy Lichtenstein, Ai Weywei, Jeff Koons, Alberto Giacometti and others became models for the second part of a series.

All the drawings are performed with colored pencils on paper.